Additional MetroCard Information

Special Program MetroCards

Principals should use the program exception application to request Special Program MetroCards for students attending approved programs including Saturday academies, PM school and internship or work study programs. Special Program MetroCards are two-trip cards meant to provide students with travel home if their program ends after yellow bus service is available, or if they leave school during the day to travel to other programs. Cards are distributed to students each day they attend their program. Schools record distribution using a log, documenting each student who receives a card. These cards are not assigned on student ATS records.

Student MetroCard FAQs

Purchased MetroCards

Principals may purchase gold two-trip MetroCards for a variety of uses, including transportation for parent/teacher conferences and school events, by placing a purchase order through FAMIS. OPT staff receives the purchase order electronically and processes these orders for delivery to schools by courier service or for pick up at OPT, as indicated on the purchase order.

OPT also handles the exchange of expired gold two-trip MetroCards. The MTA/NYCT has advised OPT that exchanges for two-trip gold MetroCards more than one year after the expiration date will not be honored. To be sure there is enough time to process your exchange, OPT needs to receive your expired MetroCards no more than nine months after the expiration date listed on the card.

Schools that need to exchange MetroCards that have expired before they have been distributed and used, can either mail or deliver the expired cards to OPT.

  • Mail the expired MetroCards with a copy of the original purchase order to Office of Pupil Transportation, Attention: Awilda Rentas at the OPT address located in the footer at the bottom of this this page. Once OPT receives the expired cards, schools will be sent replacements via courier service unless they choose to pick them up at OPT.
  • E-mail to arrange an appointment at OPT to exchange the expired cards—exchanges are scheduled in the afternoon only. Bring a copy of the original purchase order with you. Replacement cards will be provided.

Schools that purchase large amounts of MetroCards should consider making smaller purchases to limit the possibility of having to exchange large numbers of MetroCards.